Project #365 Day 38 The Thing! and It!

We have altogether too many bugs and insects and creepy crawlies and things that make me scream like a wee little girl. It’s tropical life, I tell you. No way would even half of these creatures survive in, you know, Canada, where it gets so cold that humans barely survive. 😛

This bug, while he reminded me of a mosquito in looks, was at least twice as large as even the largest mosquitoes I’ve seen before. If he’s a mosquito, he would seriously hurt when he took a bite.

Thankfully, he didn’t. He just flew around a bit, basically annoying me, and then he left. *whew*

This guy… Well!

The first clue to his origins should be the fact that he’s on my cutting board. You know, the one I use for cutting vegetables? Yeah, that one. 🙂

I made a carrot and bean curry today, so this guy must have hitchhiked with either the carrots or the beans. This guy is about an inch or inch and a half long – yikes!

Unfortunately, worms and caterpillars and the like are, ah, rather normal in vegetables here. Have to cut the beans, eggplant, and certain other vegetables in such a way to expose any potential lurkers inside. Yeah, really.

Other vegetables, like carrots, potatoes, and onions, show obvious signs on the outside when they’re wormy.

I think I’m going to vomit now…

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