Project #365 Day 37 Out and About in Sri Lanka

We were out and about again today – grocery shopping to Battaramulla – so I figured I’d show some more pictures around, er, villages and towns and such. 🙂

Here we have a lumber yard. I took a picture of the lumber yard for no good reason other than because I hadn’t taken one before. 🙂

A trishaw stand.

Trishaw stands are where a group of trishaws will park, usually in fairly busy places, as they wait for a fare. They’re not officially designated areas, but pretty much everyone knows where they are.

This one is rather empty, although there were more trishaws to the right out of the picture.

A truck on the road. And see the background, the view with all the palm trees and all the other vegetation? This is a typical view here. Very typical. And I never tire of it. 😀

Here, we have a truck parked at the side of the road.

Semis don’t exist here – the roads simply aren’t big enough and the traffic is far too heavy. There are bigger vehicles than this truck – like passenger busses that scare the bejebus out of me and other trucks that usually have wood panelling, and no, I don’t know why the wood panelling. But this is a fairly common type of vehicle here.

Note the two guys standing in the back – they may or may not travel in the back on the way to their destination. There may not be enough room in the cab for everyone that accompanies the vehicle.

Note the buildings behind and to the left of the truck. People will use whatever materials they can afford to make their buildings, and if that means no walls or pieces of scrap roofing pieced together like a puzzle, they’ll do it.

Vehicle repairs at the side of the road.

Both of these vehicles are jacked up with people working on them.

The vehicle on the left is a car. The vehicle on the right is an ice cream trishaw. Trishaw being a three-wheel automobile with a cooler on the back for selling ice cream out of. These trishaws roam neighborhoods looking for customers just like your ice cream trucks do. This one is selling Cargill’s Magic line of ice cream.

Another vehicle, this one with a tractor motor at the front, much smaller than your North American tractor counterparts. They’re driven on roads often enough.

This is another truck that’s pulled by a tractor engine at the front.

Please note the passengers are sitting in the back of the truck, with the woman on the left holding a baby in her lap (which you can’t see, but I saw as we passed the vehicle).

Please also note the registration number for the vehicle that’s painted on the back.

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