Project #365 Day 22 Where is that wascally squirrel?

This is my second time writing this post. Ugh. Not ugh because the post is so terrible. Ugh because I hate doing things twice when once should have been enough.

This morning, in the kitchen to make breakfast, I opened the kitchen window, startling a squirrel that was standing on our wall beside the jumboo tree. The squirrel, who is referred to as a she in this post not because I examined her squirrelly plumbing, but rather because I have to refer to her somehow, ran down the wall towards the front gate.

Anxioud to snap a photo of her, I grabbed my camera and went out the back door, then around the corner to follow the squirrel.

Meanwhile, squirrel reached the end of the wall and took an abrupt left, scrambling over the metal gate, then continued along the wall until she came to the end.

Another abrupt left and she started running on top of the wall on the other side of the house. She kept going until she was safe from me. Safe, she knew, because a. I wasn’t chasing anymore and b. because the way the house is situated next to the wall, no one could squeeze between the two unless they were extremely skinny and willing to get dirty. And spidery. And insected. Ew!

She picked up some kind of mystery twig and happily munched away. It must have been good…

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