Project #365 Day 21 Fuzzy Wuzzy Caterpillar

This one is my choice of picture of the day. At least, so far today. I love the nasty caterpillar face that looks like a nasty scary circus mask, something that a psychopathic killer clown would wear.

Yeah, you heard me. Killer clown.

This caterpillar is poisonous. Not poisonous-it’ll-kill-you poisonous, but poisonous-it’ll-puff-up-yer-arm-and-itch-like-mad poisonous. Those spiny things that look like hairs? That’ll enter your skin and… Yeah. Just best to avoid it, hmm?

This mosquito – at least, I think it’s a mosquito, although I’m not positive – is stinkin’ huge. If I were to catch one, besides being smooshed, it would measure in at more than a centimeter in length, probably closer to a centimeter and a half.  And that’s before splatter is taken into consideration. Ugh.

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Author: LMAshton

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