Problem solved!

It was a corrupted font - Arial and its incarnations.

I did a Google search on the problem - of course - and the results that showed up said to replace Verdana or Times New Roman. Well, they're only sorta correct.

In reality, it's replace whichever font you have that's corrupted itself.

I finally figured out it was Arial when I opened up word and started looking at how the fonts appear. Arial showed up in italics even when italics was not selected. Everything else showed up normal.

Now the next item of business. Replacing it.

The fonts that I quite legally use came with Windows XP. Probably also MicroSlop Word. But there's no quick way that I know of to get the necessary fonts off either install CD/DVD.<i></i>

Despite them coming with the OS and software, they're not available for free download from the MicroSoft site - haven't been since sometime in 2002. Wankers.<i></i>

<i></i>On the other hand, I was able to find them at <a href="" target="_blank">SourceForge</a>, so it's all good.<i></i>

<i></i>It's installed, and thinks look... different. Probably normal, but after three or four days of all italics all the time, I don't know if I'd recognize normal anymore.
Author: LMAshton
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