So*. This is how I find out my brother got married…

A few months ago.

I’m on MSN, chatting with my oldest brother. He mentions it in passing because, he says, he assumed that brother 2 would have sent me an email.


This is the first I’ve heard.

Apparently, he, brother 2, called up our parents the day he got married to let them know that he was married.

I’m seeing a trend… This is what my sister did. And, well, I never actually told my parents.

But we seem to have a habit of eloping and/or doing quickie weddings in our family.

Anyway, I know the woman’s name, first only, and that he’s from my brother’s church. And that’s it.

On the other hand, this isn’t overly surprising – the fact that he didn’t tell me. After all, this is the same brother who thinks my church is a cult, that I’m going to burn in hell, I’m a satan worshipper, and, oh yes, my personal favorite, that I, personally, am the anti-Christ. Yeah, can’t imagine why, but we just haven’t been as close since then. :p

On the other other hand, it is surprising – the fact that he got married. No one knew that he was even dating. He was married once before back in, let me see, 1985-1987. So it’s been a while.

Anyway. There ya go. Only one sibling left who’s single.

You know, the funny thing is that when my sister got married in, um, about 2000, that was a huge surprise. She wasn’t dating anyone either. Until that point, the whole lot of us were unmarried, and I didn’t think it would change. :p I was stunned, nay, shocked, when I heard my sister got married. I was even more stunned when I got married. Now brother 2. What’s next? Is brother 1 going to… Nah. I don’t think I can even go there… [Eek!]

What is this world coming to?


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