Prabhakaran dead! Body found!

More info here.

And the rest of you are going, "Uh, yeah, so why do we care?"

Because Velupillai Prabhakaran is, or rather, was, the leader of the LTTE, also knows as the Tamil Tigers.

—–Begin Quote

Speaking to our reporter yesterday, Karuna Amman said more than 500 top level cadres of the Wanni tiger organization died when  tsunami waves battered the coastal belt in Sri Lanka on 26th December and among them were Piriharan and Pottuamman.

—–End Quote

I have no idea who Piriharan and Pottuamman are. Fahim?

Probably two of his top aids. I dunno. But this whole thing seems kind of ironic. Two decades of bullets, bombs, land mines, and murder, and Prabhakaran and 500 of his top guys bite it in a natural disaster.

Could this spell the beginning of a new era? Could this possibly mean that peace will move forward?

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