9 desperate woman fighting for tsunami-survivor ‘Baby 81’

Because that’s the only way to replace their own dead children. [/sarcasm]

People are nuts. To be fair, they’re also grieving and probably don’t know how to deal with their feelings.

Some of these women claiming this one child threaten to kill themselves or others if the baby is not given to them.

DNA tests, while a seemingly obvious solution, are expensive here, and many of these people who quite possibly believe the baby is actually theirs could not afford the test. Who, then, would pay for the test? And if no one could afford to pay for it, then what happens to the baby?

—–Begin Quote

The battle over the wide-eyed boy, who appears to be about three or four months old, symbolizes the enormous loss in the Dec. 26 disaster.

Children accounted for a staggering 40 percent – or 12,000 – of Sri Lanka’s death toll of nearly 31,000. In all, nearly 160,000 people have died across southern Asia.

The loss is especially keenly felt in Ampara district, where the fight over "Baby 81" is taking place. There were 10,436 people killed in Ampara, the highest in Sri Lanka.

UNICEF says preliminary data indicate that nearly 1,000 children were orphaned by the tsunami in Sri Lanka and 3,200 more lost one parent.

—–End Quote

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