That how one headline read. It certainly does get your attention, doesn’t it?

They’re talking about Prabhakaran, the head of the LTTE, of course. And they’re calling him everything from megalomaniac to mass murderer.

There is absolutely nothing unbiased about this report at all.

I have no idea if the guy is a megalomaniac. I can understand why he’s called a mass murderer, but on the other hand, given what I know about the country’s history, I can also understand the point of view of the Tamils.

—–Begin Quote

The fascist tyrant or the "Sun God" who traumatized the Sri Lankans for over two decades and was responsible for the death of over 60,000 Sri Lankans (double the number of deaths caused by Tsunami) and destruction of Sri Lanka for more than two decades is dead and gone. Decomposed body of this mass murderer is reported to have been discovered last Wednesday. Sri Lankans would have had the greatest celebration for several centuries if it were not for the Tsunami disaster that has put the whole country in a catastrophic situation.

—–End Quote

Greatest celebration for several centuries? Does this also mean killing all the remaining Tamils? When the Buddhist monk died in December 2003, many Christian churches were burned and many Christians were harassed and beat up.

So, while I can see this guy being dead as a good thing, there’s this part of me that also worries about the Tamils being stepped on and abused now if there are no good and decent Tamil leaders to take this guy’s place.

—–Begin Quote

Father of terrorism, Velupillai, a school dropout and a fisherman/smuggler of Velvettiturai who despised democracy said in the early 70s that, "I want to achieve something through action rather than waste time in idle fancies". When he made this statement no one imagined that a firm determination for colossal destruction of life and property was couched in that statement. He commenced his so-called action programme on Sunday 27th July 1975 with the murder of the Jaffna Mayor Mr. Alfred Thuraiyappah, when the Mayor arrived at a Jaffna temple for his usual Sunday prayers. This was the first political murder in Jaffna that became a prelude to the birth of world’s ruthless terrorist outfit under this megalamaniac murderer. In this way he prepared the groundwork for soaking the land that produced red onions and chilly with the blood of the industrious farming community. Killing was a passion for him and there are many accounts saying that he relished in killing birds and flies.

Suicide bombing originated in Lebanon invented by the Hizbullah terrorist group. The LTTE developed this technology to become one of its main destructive tool, and every suicide bombing carried out by the LTTE received the personal blessing of the fascist leader and it was a tradition for him to dine with the bomber on the previous night of the incident. This tradition was relaxed only in the case of the bombing of Indian Premier Mr. Rajiv Gandhi.

As he started his killing spree with the murder of Jaffna Mayor Duraiyappah, there was no compassion from this fascist tyrant even for Tamils. Many Tamil parliamentarians and scholars were ruthlessly murdered to exercise control over the Tamil community. Former Leader of the Opposition Amirthalingam was responsible for raising this school dropout to some status in the political arena. Despite this he was eliminated in a brutal manner at his Colombo residence on 13th July 1989. Tamil Parliamentarians killed by this fascist tyrant include A.Thiagarajahm MP for Vaddukkodai, V.Dharmalingam, MP for Manipay (killed along with Amirthalingam), K.Alalasundaram MP for Kopay, Y.Yogeswaran, MP for Jaffna, Sam Thambimuttu, MP for Batticaloa, V.Yogasangari, MP for Batticaloa, A. Thangathurai, MP for Trincomalee , and Dr. Neelan Thiruchelvam,. In addition to this leaders and prominent members of all Tamil Organisations were exterminated to claim himself as the sole leader of the Tamil community.

In the aftermath of his death we hope that those who are in the Vanni LTTE would come to sense by realizing the futility of continuing the destructive cause and join hand with the rest of the population as members of one family and one nation and dedicate their services to rebuilding our glorious nation. The government too should make every effort to re-establish it total control all over the country and treat all Tsunami victims equality as a measure of building trust in the minds of the people.

—–End Quote

At least the article ends on a more positive note.

It’s unfortunate that the anti-Tamil everything on the news site I got this from clouded everything. It’s impossible to tell how much of what this article purports is truth and how much is rumour and innuendo. True, I could read up about it, but then again, all I’d be getting would be more news reports.

This country is not known for unbiased reporting. This country is not known for calmness and logic when looking at difficult or complex situations. Getting angry, indignant, shouting accusations at everyone, however, is known here.

How much of this can be trusted? I have no idea. What a sad day.

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