This morning, I went to OSC – Overseas School of Colombo – to meet with Karu about their volunteer projects. The meeting was very informal – it took place in the staff lunchroom.

First things first. I walked there – ten minutes from home, or thereabouts, so no big deal. But of course, I’m a foreigner, so the trishaw drivers I passed – and I passed several dozen – are all anxious to give me a ride. “Madame, madame.” I smile, shake my head, and keep going.

Marlene met me downstairs and took me upstairs. After Karu and I spoke for a few minutes, we talked about the different projects that the school ran, I mentioned to him that I wouldn’t likely be able to start volunteering or even checking any of the projects out until November. I explained about BIM and that I was writing a novel in October. This had him quite excited, that I could write. He has ideas of quite a few things that I could do for the school in that capacity. Perhaps. But not until November at the earliest. Turns out also that Karu has ties to the community. The way it’s phrased, “he knows everybody.” He has connections to the local newspapers and magazines, among other things. Who knows what will happen of this?

I also met a few other teachers, one from south of Regina, Saskatchewan. We talked briefly about Canada. The people I met were very nice, very friendly.

On the way home, I notice another Turf Accountant. Also called Bookies in North America. Yes, they are literally everywhere here. As common as Starbucks in Seattle.

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