More writing today.

This afternoon, as I sat writing, I noticed a peculiar looking vehicle, and I use that term loosely, today. I took a picture of it. Of course. Not the most convenient for going around corners, I would think.

I wrote 10 pages today – right on target and enough to get my chocolate. Yippee!!!! Plus I worked on plotting. My plot outline is not complete, needs work, and is a little messed up. It needs serious straightening out and reorganizing. So I worked on that a bit, too.

I also expressed some frustration to Fahim in regards to plotting and what I wish I could find in a program that would help me plot my novels better. Fahim is also a writer, which soooooo helps. Now, he’s writing a program that will do everything I want it to plus stuff he wants it to do. He took a look on the internet for writing programs again, and still didn’t find anything that did everything he wanted. So, yeah, he’s going to write a program that’ll have what we’re both looking for. Sometimes, it really helps to be married to the programming department.

And once more, that’s my boring life. The life of a writer is a very solitary thing. Hmm. Is it?

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