Onwards and Upwards. Ho!Long Live Blog!!!!

Fahim is starting to have an increasingly large number of things going on – more programs he needs to write for various reasons. Projects showing up. All sorts of things. Amanuensis is sooooo on the back burner. So’s blog. (Sorry, fellow blog users!) But – and this is potentially good news for blog users, if no one else – Fahim and I discussed, among a bunch of other things this morning, that a friend of his had started working on the help file for Blog. But then this friend, Tyran, had a baby. Well, truth be told, I doubt he’s physically capable of having a baby. I think it’s safe to say his wife had a baby. But nevertheless, he’s now wrapped up, and hopefully not literally, in diapers, diapers, and more diapers, so doesn’t have time to work on it anymore, Fahim thinks. So I volunteered to help.

Fahim’s Blog help sucks. It’s terrible, in fact. Absolutely horrible. Not understandable in the least by anyone who doesn’t know what they’re doing. Fahim wrote it. He knows what he’s doing. He knows it bites, he accepts it, and he doesn’t care. For him. But he knows it could be better.

And here’s the irony.

If his help was at all decent, then I wouldn’t have written anything on his forum asking for help figuring out what went wrong, and I wouldn’t have emailed him or chatted with him trying to fix things, which led to us falling in love and then marrying.

Translation: his crappy help section in Blog led directly to the two of us getting married.

Long live crappy help sections!

May more romances bloom as a result!

But somewhere else, and with other people. We’re taken care of, thanks for asking.

Isn’t it funny?

Anyway, now that his crappy help section has served it’s purpose – that is, getting the two of us together – it’s time to work on it and make it all better.

I volunteered to help.

I’m a writer. I can string words together that (mostly) (sort of) (sometimes) make sense. And I’m not a technical user, I don’t know what I’m doing, so I can explain it from the point of view of someone like me.

Fahim can still deal with the technical stuff. Good for him.

Fahim’s just getting so busy with so many things going on that it makes sense to lighten his load where it makes sense and where I can.

And meanwhile, it’s time for me to do some actual writing.

Fahim doesn’t consider this to be “real” writing. Meaning that my blog writing isn’t real writing. As in, not novel writing. He thinks it’s me trying to cheat in my own mind, make myself believe that I’m writing. But really I’m not.

Well, yeah. So? Give agirl her illusions.

Author: LMAshton