Because I’m the token foreigner in the Relief Society presidency in our branch (a branch is a small congregation, a larger congregation is a ward. All it really means is a bunch of people who get together every Sunday for church.), I’m used to doing things differently than they’re used to doing them here. In Canada, most of the wards I attended had a monthly newsletter for the Relief Society (Relief Society – women’s organization with a class on Sundays). Well, that’s not something that’s been done here, so I brought it up as a suggestion in our presidency meeting, and it was decided that it was a great idea, and why don’t I do it?

Somehow, I was expecting this. No, that’s not sarcasm. I really was. And why not? I’ve seen them, I know what they’re like, I have good ideas on things to have in them, so let’s get moving and do it already.

Well, this Sunday, we’re going to have our first one. So this morning, I’ve busily and merrily done it. Wrote up a presidency message – and it’s pretty good, if I do say so myself. Put in some announcements, the list of lessons we’ll be having in December, and contact information.

So there’s not a lot in it, but this is a first issue, so that’s okay. At least we’re doing it. And we can build on it in future issues. I have a fair number of ideas of other things to toss in.

And there goes part of my morning.

The rest of my morning will consist of cooking for Fahim and I, and if there’s time to spare, cleaning the bathroom. Oh joy, oh bliss!

Author: LMAshton

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