More On Mung Beans, also known as Green Gram, also known as Mung Gram, also known as “what the hell is this????”

Fahim and I decided that we’re going to cook all the mung beans today, have some for breakfast, finish the rest tomorrow. Fahim, being the brave man that he is, tossed the mung beans, bugs and all, into a pot.

There were a few bugs left on the lid and on the inside of the plastic container we have the mung beans in.

Then he put water in the pot and we watched those little buggies float.

Not Herb the Love Bug. Bugs as in insects, infestations, pests. Phylum Arthropoda. Class Insecta.

There were quite a few of those pesky little critters. Like a couple of hundred. They clumped together, struggling to swim, struggling for breath.

They got washed down the drain. Dead bugs.

Would they have provided more amusement if I dissected them? Would they then have proved their scientific value, and thereby preserve their future as a species?

And we cooked the mung beans.

Well, if’n ya wanna be technical, the heat cooked the beans. Heat provided by the stove. Fahim turned the switches that a. got the gas going and b. sparked a flame. The stove then fulfilled its proper function as it is wont to do.

And when they were cooked, we had mung beans for breakfast. Add sugar and treacle, mix, and enjoy.

Originally, I was thinking of using whatever was leftover from this morning and make a mung bean cake – I found a recipe in my database of recipes (I have something like 75,000+ recipes in various databases). But Fahim, the little snorker that he is – and you’d never guess it from how skinny he is, would’cha? ate a good large amount. Leaving me with insufficient cooked mung beans to make yon cake.

Fahim. Dear. Sheesh.

And it’s pretty good with sugar and treacle. You gotta try it sometime.

Oh, and Fahim tells me that they’re pronounced "moong", not mung. Mung wrong. Mung bad. Moong good.

In some places, it’s also spelled Moong.

And yes, he eats (almost) everything with his hands. I’m adjusting.

And yes, he hasn’t shaved in something like a week and a half. He says he’s gonna just let it keep growing. Until when? He’s just gonna let it keep growing. Couldn’t get a firm answer on that. Why? Cuz he doesn’t feel like shaving.

Okay. I can live with that. For now, anyway.

Honestly, when he shaves, which he only does about once a week, by day three or four, it hurts, and the pain lasts until about day 6. So half the week, I spend being assaulted by his beard hair.

But when it’s this long? It doesn’t hurt at all. It’s reached the nice and soft stage. So, yeah, okay, fine. As long as you can make it look nice, go right ahead.

And if you can’t, go right ahead, cuz I have no say anyhoo.

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