On the road again . . .

When we were done, we hopped in the van with Marlene and her offspring. As soon as we’re in the van and moving, Fahim tosses me his DVD bag and tells me to rifle through it. Of course everyone else wants to know what Fahim bought, too, so I read out the titles and show them the DVDs as I poke through them.

Return of the King

Agent Cody Banks


Intolerable Cruelty

No Good Deed

She’s So Lovely (with John Travotra)

Out of Time

Alex & Emma

Alias – complete season 1

And three Tamil movies – Gemini, Saamy, and Boys.

I looked at the covers, and unfortunately, there were no obviously laughable mistakes. They spelled actor’s names properly, and the only movie in the lot that I’d seen before – Alex & Emma – actually had an accurate description of the movie. Not many obvious spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. In other words, some mistakes, yes, but really not many at all, and none worth putting in here for humour value.


On the other hand, we now have viewing material to last us for a week.


And at least we have Return of the King. (Yay!)

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