Setting Apart

Now to explain what this is.

We’re given callings here (I talk briefly about callings in general on my 14 September 2003 entry.)

More of an education here.

We’re asked to do certain jobs in the church. We have no paid ministry, so naturally, if anything is going to be run, it has to be done by people who are willing to serve. You can call us volunteers if you like. We say that we receive a calling. We’re called to serve.

Anyway, after we’re called to serve in a specific position – in other words, do a specific job – we’re then sustained by the congregation. Has to be unanimous. Any dissenting votes are dealt with before the person starts to fulfill that calling. Well, this is really a whole other topic, but basically, a person can vote no if they have a reason to believe that that person should not accept that calling, and then the no voter has to explain to the person who presides over that area why they voted no. Depending on circumstances, the person presiding may investigate further, may talk to the person who was voted against, or whatever else he deems necessary.

After we’ve been sustained, we’re set apart. Basically, this is a blessing given by those who preside over the area. So for a branch calling, the setting apart is done by the branch presidency. For a district calling, the setting apart is done by the district presidency.

The blessing we’re given is done by the laying on of hands and gives us all the keys and whatever else we need to fulfill our calling properly. Frequently, other things specific to a person’s life are also said, and as such, are very personal.

I wanted Fahim to be with me at my setting apart, same as he was when I was set apart for my calling as Relief Society Second Counsellor.

We met with President Sunil and Elder Griffiths, who also has a position in the district presidency. President Sunil first explained the basics of a calling and setting apart to Fahim and then gave me the blessing.

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