Return of the King

Seriously, how long did you think we were going to wait?

I’d made soup this morning – well, more like a stew. Chicken & vegetables. And it’s quite good, of course. I served us up, Fahim went and prayed, and then we watched the movie while we ate.

Of course it was a camera copy. Fahim had the option of a camera copy or buying a pirated from the studio version, but that version was before special effects. I can’t even begin to imagine watching Return of the King with Sam and Frodo talking to a non-existent Smeagol. Gollum. You know, that guy.

And really, do I need to put up spoiler warnings? I mean, seriously. The book was published how many decades ago? Seven? Eight? I think seven. If you need a spoiler warning for a movie based on a book (and with no surprising twists and turns at all – that is, a movie that followed the book fairly well) written decades ago, then you need to learn how to read. More. Or something.

It was good. Except for the bits I couldn’t understand. Except for the bits I couldn’t understand and the sub-titles were so crappy that they were no help at all.


But other than that, it was really good.

When the dvd copy comes out in, say, nine or ten months, I want to get it so I can watch it again, but this time, as it was meant to be viewed.

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