Oberon! My Dearest! What Happened To You?

This morning, as I was petting Oberon – he does occasionally want affection from me and today was no exception – I noticed something red on his rear section. After much persuasion, Oberon finally let me look, and what did I find?


*******SPOILER WARNING*******


Okay, so it isn’t a spoiler, but it’s still a warning. Alright, alright. I’ll do it properly. Sheesh, will ya stop yer complainin’ already?




Yeah, and did anyone actually not read this? I bet you’re all still reading, aren’t ya? It’s that whole voyeuristic thing going on. Seriously. Get a life.

So just to refresh your memory on where we were at:

After much persuasion, Oberon finally let me look, and what did I find?

A big hole in his butt.

Okay, it’s an inch to the left of his anus, and this alone is probably too much information for you, but it’s my blog and I can write whatever I want. So there.

His skin is completely gone. The fur around the hole is missing for probably 1/3 of an inch all the way around. Well, cats can lick their skin enough that the fur comes out – I’ve seen Tellulah do that when she’s very stressed – so that’s probably a cleaning instinct for him. But meanwhile, I freak out. It’s bad enough that he has what looks like a couple of zits on his chin – also with fur missing. But now this? In a panic, I SMS Fahim.

SMS – both Fahim and I have cell phones. We don’t have a land line, and because a land line costs so much, this seems to be a better alternative. This way, we don’t have to pay the exorbitant hook up charges or the monthly fee, we only pay for actual calls. My cell phone is on a prepaid basis, so no monthly charges, only per call charges. Local calls here on a land line are also charged by the minute – not just long distance. Am I being too confusing?

Anyway, Fahim, being the geek that he is, has some pretty nice toys. His phones are included in this description. His cell has a digital camera, color screen, and he can download pictures and sounds onto it. He can also surf the internet and SMS – or message – me. And my phone, while not as fancy, is still capable of messaging him.

So, in a panic, I SMS Fahim to call me ASAP.

He calls, and I tell him that Oberon has a hole in his butt the size of an American quarter. Fahim says something that, effectively translated, means "What? That’s it?" And we hang up. When he gets home for lunch, I show him the hole, and he says, "Other cats, strays, survive from this sort of thing. Oberon will, too." Paraphrased, of course. Go to the vet? Are you kidding?


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