Oh, and of course, also I Finally Have Living Room Furniture Day. Yippee!!!!

And the sofa set? They were supposed to be delivered after five. At seven, we called the store to find out when they would actually arrive – the store closes at eight – and we were told they would arrive within the hour.

They were finally delivered. At 9:00 pm.

I was already in bed and hardly decent. Brushed my teeth, washed my faces, the whole shebang. Fahim was in the bathroom removing his contacts. The door bell rings. I hurriedly put my robe on and find my glasses – Fahim has one eye in, one out and can’t answer the door. I open the door, the guys say "sofa", and I tell them Fahim will be down in a moment. Okay, in North America, me answering the door in a robe is not that big a deal that late at night – I was covered and all – but this is Sri Lanka, and people here are much more uptight about perceived modesty. I figured they might freak out or be all uncomfortable or something like that if I answered the door, so I didn’t. And I hid in the bedroom until they were gone.

But once they were gone, Fahim and I sat on the couch for about one minute – my idea – and got bit by about a half dozen mossies, so we gave up and went to bed. Or at least, I did. Fahim continued with his whole bed time routine. Contacts. Teeth. Change into sarong.

Have I mentioned that Fahim sleeps in a sarong? Fahim sleeps in a sarong.

And I finished reading The Sword of Chaos and started reading Free Amazons of Darkover.

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