Massive Quantities of Laundry Day.

Today, I learned how to say thalapath properly. Fahim kept saying, "No, it’s like this" and repeating it over and over. "You’re saying it like this, but it’s like this" – also over and over, and I still couldn’t hear the difference. Have I mentioned I’m hard of hearing? Finally, he says, "No, you’re tongue shouldn’t be doing this, it should be doing this" and I imitated him, and he said "Yeah! That’s it." I say, "Uh, okay." We don’t have that sound in English, and it doesn’t sound all that different to me, but it made him happy. Yeah, it lasted all of about five minutes. Or maybe I still remember how to say it properly? I’ll probably find out later when he corrects me again, or cringes, or smiles. We’ll see.

We had samaposha for breakfast. Samaposha is a cereal that’s mixed with hot water, milk powder, and sugar, and it’s brown. It’s made from green gram, which is mung beans to North Americans, and corn, rice, and wheat. It’s pretty good.

I finished reading The Keeper’s Price and started reading Sword of Chaos. And I’m scared. Afraid. Terrified. There are only seven more books left. What will I do then?

I am forever doing laundry. Today, I washed three loads. Yippee. I’m being sarcastic, of course.

Okay, I don’t really hate doing laundry. There are worse things. Cleaning bathrooms and unclogging drains of hair buildup top my list. And not necessarily in that order. Yeah, the whole hair thing – I get the gag reflex going on that one. Laundry? Fairly harmless by comparison. But I must complain, I must whine, or Fahim would have nothing to whine and complain about himself. He loves to whine about my whining.

We had Coconut Thalapath Curry, Vegetable Curry, and Pink Rice for lunch and supper. I’ve already given recipes for these, so I’m backing off.

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