Oberon Back Behind Bars

We open up the windows and patio doors at around 7 am. It’s after sunrise so the mozzies are down and less of a problem. Usually, by this time, Oberon’s been crying for at least a half hour to be let outside. He’s such a whiner. But since Oberon made a break for it yesterday, he’s not inside for him to whine at us to be let out.

I go out onto the patio and look around the wall that separates our patio from the roof of our neighbor’s carport.


He’s there! He’s standing there, and he looks unhurt, unharmed. He looks at me and he looks like he wants to turn around and explore some more. I call his name, he turns back at me, and he comes back, jumps back onto the patio and comes into the house.

I’m so relieved.

Author: LMAshton

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