Chamomile versus Camomile. You decide.

For breakfast, we have tea. Specifically, Fahim has Sri Lankan tea – best in the world, don’t’cha know? Whereas I have Beli tea. It’s some kind of herbal thing and we finally found it at the grocery store yesterday when I was looking for anything herbal but not chamomile. I found it.

As I type this, Fahim reads my entry thus far and takes exception to my spelling of chamomile. "There’s no ‘h’ in camomile, dearest," he insists. "Fahim, dear, if there’s no ‘h’ in chamomile, then why did the dictionary built into this blogging program not label it as a misspelled word? And, might I add, this blogging program that YOU WROTE." And, by the way, the dictionary contained within this blogging program that YOU WROTE labels camomile without an ‘h’ as misspelled. Dearest darlingest Fahim. How sad for you. But how funny for me.

I think Fahim made it too strong – I think about half strength would have been good for me. He put in a heaping teaspoon of the pulverized herb.

The Buddhist monks from yesterday were short one elephant for a temple procession being held today – today, because it’s a full moon, therefore a holiday. Yes, folks, you heard it. Every full moon day is a holiday – Buddhist. I’m not sure yet what other holidays exist here, but I’m willing to bet that Christmas isn’t one of them. The country only has something like 7 or 8% Christians. Yowsa.


Devilled Cuttlefish

Cuttlefish – squid – slivered

Coconut oil

2 cups diced onion shoots

1 diced tomato

½ slivered Bombay onion

5 capsicum

1 teaspoon salt

1 ½ teaspoons chilli powder

1 teaspoon crushed chilli flakes


Vegetable curry

2 tablespoons coconut oil

½ slivered Bombay onion

1 diced potato

2 diced carrots

½ cup water

2 sliced green chilis

½ chopped green cabbage (smaller cabbages here, so it amounted to about 1 cup of cabbage)

¾ cup green beans

1 teaspoon curry powder

½ teaspoon chilli powder

½ teaspoon black pepper

1 teaspoon salt – should have been more – cabbage requires more salt


and the ubiquitous pink rice.


I also got caught up on my blog again, and wrote email to be sent later and worked some – a very little – on the plot outline for Black Light. Oh yeah, and I finished reading Bradley’s "Hawkmistress" and started into "Two to Conquer" and started watching Tin Cup with Kevin Costner.

Yeah, I really do, in many respects, have something resembling a life of leisure. Too bad I don’t have the beaucoup bucks to accompany it.

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