Meeting In-Laws

Fahim got a phone call a few days ago. His brother is getting married. It’s an arranged marriage with a good Muslim girl, and it’s set to happen sometime before the end of the year.

Fahim went to his parents house today to meet with the men to settle things. I gather there are many stages of settling things in an arranged marriage – contracts, that sort of thing.

After today’s meeting – the bride’s male relatives come to the groom’s house to put a ring on his finger to seal the engagement – Fahim brought him home to meet me.

He seemed quiet and shy, but very nice. I can imagine that he was probably nervous meeting his brother’s wife. I, unfortunately, didn’t have time to change into something more respectable than my at-home all-purpose-but-not-looking-too nice clothing. Oh. Ooops. Well, he’s male, so who knows? Maybe he didn’t notice.

I can hope, can’t I?

(What is it about Kim that she just happens to be here for all these major events, like meeting Fahim’s sister Fathima’s husband Derrick and their daughter, Zara, last October?)

Anyhoo, I’ll need two new outfits – one for the wedding, the other for the homecoming a week later. That sewing machine is going to get the workout!

Sis and I have looked at patterns online and have some ideas of what we think will work for me and my body type, and now I need to make phone calls to some local friends to find out where to go to get patterns and fabric.

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