Sewing Machines!

So*, we went down to Singer like we planned and took a look at the sewing machines in person.

Remember that third machine that has "motor optional"? It was set up in the showroom with a footpedal. Big rubber strap leading to the footpedal from the round turning thingie on the right side of the machine. So yes, my assumptions on that score were correct.

The look on my 15 year old niece’s face were worth the trip. "Oh look, funky foot pedal. Great grandma used to have one of those!" Yes, I know. I’ve sewn on it. Okay, I was, like, 8 at the time, but still. 🙂

After some exploration, which was mostly due to wait time for the salesperson to get things done, we bought the sewing machine I had previously decided on.

And I saw that they have a serger that is not listed on their website. It’s a Singer 4 thread serger for Rs. 25,000, or around $250 US. That’s a pretty decent price. I’m wangling for one. No idea how long it’ll take to get one. And yes, I’m lusting after it. I love sergers!

I used to have a serger in Canada – an Elna 4 thread, bought used. It was loverly! It was durable and rarely needed even cleaning. Unfortunately, it was built for North American electricity, and I couldn’t bring it with me.

Anyway. We got the sewing machine. It came in a handy carrying case – no box – and the case is actually funky. It looks sorta like a bowling ball case. Useful.

I’ve already used it to fix a few things, and it works well. It has a whole lotta features that I have yet to figure out, and that’s okay. I’ve got it for a while.

Tomorrow, perhaps the next day, we’ll go shopping for fabric and patterns. But first, we need to figure out where to get such. Will there be fabric patterns here? In English? Well, we shall see. Meanwhile, I have already determined that I can order patterns from Simplicity, Butterick, et al over the internet.

Me is very happy.

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