Making my own patterns?

So. Made phone calls, looked at patterns on the internet – Simplicity and Butterick, mainly – and I’m now seriously considering learning how to make my own patterns. I suspect that it’s going to be difficult to a. find the patterns I would like and b. find them in the size I need.

To that order, I found a site online that sells a course so I can learn how to make my own patterns.


And yes, of course I’m thinking of doing this. All it is is math and geometry. Easy. *very big grin*

I could order patterns and have them sent here, but with postage and handling and import taxes, it’ll more than double the cost of the pattern.

I could look for patterns here, but most women wear saris or shalwaar kameez, combined with the fact that most women here are petite and small, and I am neither, and that makes it more likely that, assuming I found a pattern I liked, I’d have to alter it anyway.

Of course I’ll look for patterns anyway – I’m just predicting what I am most likely to find.

My sister and I were discussing altering patterns because we’re both intolerant for having fabric bunching in our armptis, plus other such things, and I’m likely going to end up altering the pattern anyway.

Then, I went online and took a gander and found one site with instructions on how to make your own pattern – just really basic and for a medieval costume, so not enough for what I would need to learn – and it’s just math, which I’m good at, and I start thinking how hard can it be?

I’m an experienced enough sewer that it doesn’t scare me.

Plus my sister’s here for the next two or three weeks, and that’s plenty of time for her to help me with this, and she’s even more experienced at sewing than I.

Eh. It just kinda makes sense.

Plus, it’d be kinda fun. Ya know?

Yeah, I know. I’m insane. Yeah, I’m well aware of that. And yeah, I know, I have a warped idea of what this word "fun" means. *very big grin*

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