A Book? Yes, a Book!

I never claimed to be completely normal. Heck, I never claimed any degree of normalcy AT ALL.

Keep that in mind!

Now, I found a book. How to Make Sewing Patterns (Paperback) by Donald H. McCunn which looks even better than that previous downloadable course thingy I linked to previously.

If you love me and are thinking of getting me a gift, or heck, even if you don’t love me and are thinking of getting me a gift, this would be perfect. But make sure you get it fast and send it quickly so I have the time with it I need. *insert evil grin*

After reading the reviews for this book, I’ve decided I want it. Like, really really really want it. This book advertises that I can learn how to make patters for every kind of clothing I would need to make.

Cool. Very very cool. 🙂

Author: LMAshton

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