Laundry hung up to dry outside doesn’t get dry very quickly during monsoon weather.

That makes sense, right?


Well, it’s not like I hang up the laundry under the open sky. We have a balcony in the back that’s about four feet wide – I’ve mentioned this many many times – and it’s covered with a roof that extends several feet past the end of the balcony. So if it’s raining straight down, it doesn’t matter – the laundry won’t get soaked.

But it stands to reason that, when it’s raining, there’s high humidity – also known as 100% humidity – and that means that things are going to take longer to dry.

I hung up the first load before 8 am. The second load about 45 minutes after that.

By 5pm, it was ALL still noticeably damp.

When it’s hot, it’s all dry in, oh, two or three hours. Well, maybe not ALL, but most of it, anyway.

So Fahim brought the laundry rack inside for the night.

Oh sure. Oberon has to go outside. But the laundry’s allowed in. Go figure. 🙂

If the laundry stayed out all night, it would just get more humid and take even longer to dry. It’s always more humid at night.

When we went to bed, it was still damp. Drat.

And for the record, it was raining off and on all day. All bloody wet day.

We had breaks between the rainfalls of oh, fifteen minutes to an hour at a time. But it was basically wet the entire day.

The other thing is that it cooled off. Oh Blessed Coolness!

It cooled off enough that a fan wasn’t even necessary in the evening. I still ran it during the day when Fahim wasn’t here, but I’m much hotter than him anyway.

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