Today was REALLY monsoon weather. And yesterday, too.

Yesterday, it rained three times, the shortest rainfall lasting for 45 minutes. The last one lasted for at least an hour and a half, but I fell asleep – it was late – so I don’t really know how long it lasted. Could have been all night for all I know.

This morning, it starts raining shortly after we get out of bed, and the skies are dark dark dark. Usually, by 7am, it’s bright out and we don’t need any lights on in any rooms, whether we have any doors, balcony or otherwise open or not. Today, we still needed lights on at 9 or 10am, even with all doors and windows open.

It’s rained off and on for hours. Little spitting sprinkles to huge downpours.

This, Fahim tells me, is what a monsoon is really like.

Vancouver and Seattle, you dare to complain about rain with your measly little spits? You have no idea what you’re talking about.

And yes, I would know. I’ve lived in Vancouver – 5 years – and I’ve been to Seattle more times than I could even think of counting, and that’s even with a scientific calculator.

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