Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Get a Mullet. . .

I have a brother who had a mullet. Had it for years, probably going as far back as 1980, possibly even earlier than that. I have no idea when they were created, nor do I know when they were popular, except that it was way back then in the dark ages.

His daughter, my niece (hi Nikole!), found a website devoted to mullets. It’s probably something like www.mullet.com if I remember correctly (and if I’m not, Nikole or anyone else out there who knows, please correct me.) She told me about the website, and I looked and laughed and, well, yeah.

Mullet – basically, it’s a haircut with short hair on top, long in the back. Think redneck.

That’s not the kind of mullet I’m talking about here.

We were grocery shopping. Mullets were for sale. They cost something like 30 Rupees for 100 grams. At the fish counter. Alongside all the other fish that I don’t know how to pronounce or spell.

Mullet fillets. Since we hadn’t had any yet, although I’m sure Fahim has probably had mullet before I existed in his life, but we as a couple haven’t had any mullet yet, so today, we decided to buy some. Mullet fillets. It was rolled up in a plastic wrapper so it looked like a long tube of fish.

As I always do when we bring fish or any other animal protein home from the store and it’s not already frozen, I cut it up into appropriate cooking portions, toss each portion into a plastic baggie, and freeze them. That way, I’m only cooking enough fish for one day at a time – don’t have to deal with perennial leftovers. It works well.

So I unroll the mullet fillet and chop it up. But so far, haven’t cooked any.

But I had to tell this story and mock my brother at the same time. Couldn’t let a good opportunity like this go to waste, ya know what I mean? 🙂

Author: LMAshton
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