Just Another Uneventful Wednesday

Laundry. The laundry soap we use doesn’t entirely rinse out of our clothes. It became very evident when I washed Fahim’s black jeans yesterday, although, if truth be told, they probably aren’t his black jeans at all but his brother’s, Fahmi. See, Fahmi is a size or two larger than Fahim, because, after all, Fahim is the skinniest Sri Lankan in existence. The jeans swim on him. Seriously. I don’t even know why he bothers with the zipper or buttons – he could probably pull them off or on as is with no difficulty. But then he’s also a stick, which is a male feature anyway.

Anyway, after washing them – well, first I washed them on Monday, then as I was taking clothes off the drying rack, the drying rack collapsed.

If it’s not weighted properly, that is, evenly, things go wrong. If it’s too heavy on one side, it tips over. Too heavy on the other side, it collapses. This was the time I found out it can collapse.

So the drying rack collapsed, but luckily I had almost everything already folded, so the only thing that actually touched the floor was his towel and his black jeans, which in turn protected everything else.

Well, his towel and jeans had to get rewashed.

I know Fahim well enough to know he’s pretty anal about a lot of things, and this is one of them. The balcony floor is less than clean.

Well, when his jeans were on the drying rack the first time, I saw a white streak across the butt and thought nothing of it. When his jeans were on the drying rack the second time, I noticed a whole heck of a lot more white streaks.


Our laundry detergent doesn’t rinse out. So it’s not my imagination that I can still smell it on my hankies – and yes, I DO use hankies.

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