Are You a Hankie User, Too?

Oddly enough, so does Fahim. How many other people do you know actually use hankies and/or carry them around with them? I can think of less than a handful. Added to me and Fahim would be my brother Tony (Hi Tony!). Oh, and that’s pretty much it.

What are the odds of two hanky users getting together? Or is it common in Sri Lanka to carry around hankies?

I use hankies because

they’re more environmentally friendly than using tissues

they’re more economical than using tissues

they’re friendlier to my nose – especially when I have a cold and I’m blowing my nose a lot. I don’t get that oh so attractive chapped nose skin that peels off.

I don’t have to remember to buy a new supply of tissues when I run out. The henkies are always there.

they’re stronger than tissue. Blow real hard and you don’t wind up with snot across the room and a hole in the hankie. I know, you didn’t need that image. 🙂

And for the record, I don’t waste my time with feminine ones that are all lace. Or have lace. I bought the men’s hankies at WalMart – something like a dozen 100% cotton hankies for $7 CDN. Granted, that was several years ago, but still. They’re serviceable and they work.

While I have a whole bunch, and I toss mine in the laundry on occassion – like, when they need to be – Fahim has one. Mine are all white – no fancy patterns, just plain white cotton. Fahim’s is a greenish brown plaid. I suppose that’s designed to hide snot marks. And Fahim says he washes his about once a year. Unless it gets used in the meantime, and then, he’ll use it for like a week or two when he’s sick, and THEN he’ll let me wash it. His anal retentiveness really falls apart here, ya think?

I offered to let him use one of mine while I was washing his. He ixnayed it.

See, while he’s not using a hankie – as in, not actively using it – it stay s folded up in a small square in his pants. He transfers it from pants to pants to pants to pants. He may not use the hankie for a long period of time, but he’ll keep transferring it from one pair of pants to the next.

And he won’t let me wash it. "It doesn’t need it," he says. "I haven’t used it," he says. Well, yeah, but how frequently have your hands or other items been in that pocket sharing space with yon hankie? How much dust/grime/dirt has been in contact with yon hankie? Just let me wash the darn thing for you. "No. It doesn’t need it," he says.

He’s beginning to sound like a broken record.

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