Grocery Shopping In General

The sheer variety of goods is not available here like it is in Canada or the US.

Let me explain using the frozen food section as an example.

We can get ice cream – that seems to be quite common here. For flavors, we can get things like vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango magic, pineapple magic, passion fruit magic, chocolate chip mint, fruit & nut (and this one is way way way good!) and one or two specialty Hershey’s flavors, but that’s pretty much it. The entire ice cream section is about four feet long by three feet wide by a foot deep. That’s it.

Frozen fruit or vegetables or juice? Ixnay on that.

Same as for things like frozen waffles or any frozen desserts or bakery items, frozen burritos or perogies or anything like that. Yep, I miss perogies.

You can get frozen meat products – like sausages, prepared chicken. You can get frozen egg roll wrappers, naan.

And that’s pretty much it.

The ENTIRE frozen food section is three feet wide by one foot deep by ten feet long. Remember those open freezer bins from the 70s and 80s in Canada? The ones that were always open and you had to reach down to get what you want? They’ve been replaced – at least in most stores in Canada – by freezers with glass doors that are closed when someone isn’t actively picking through the contents. More energy efficient. Here, we aren’t there yet. We have those open bins. Just standing in the frozen food section is nice – very cooling. Mmm.

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