Bags of Oil

Just as another shopping side note.

Cooking oil is sold here not just in the plastic bottle, but also by the plastic bag.


No, that was not a typo. Cooking oil is available to be bought by the plastic bag. It’s a heavy enough plastic that it won’t rip open easily. Margarine is also sold this way.

The bags that I’ve seen tend towards being about 500 mL in size – or 2 cups for you yanks out there. I’m assuming that the idea is to pour them into your already existing oil bottle or margarine tub at home. I could be assuming wrong, but I sure hope not.

Anyway, I had to look twice before I believed it.

Oh, and laundry soap is still available by the bar. So is dish soap, but you should know that since I wrote about it quite a while back. We use bar dish soap. It’s cheaper, more economical, lasts way way longer, and works just as well. And I’m getting used to it. Or am used to it. Or something like that.

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