Have I mentioned that Fahim is anal?

Okay, for the uninitiated amongst us, when I say anal, I mean anal retentive, which could also be interpreted as "attention to detail", or OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder). I suspect they’re all the same thing on a sliding scale. Question is, where on that sliding scale are you? Huh? Huh?

I, for one, am also anal retentive. This is one of the things that, quite honestly, attracted me to Fahim – the fact that he’s also anal and admits it. Yup. But we’re also anal in different ways – or at least, some different ways. Some are the same. But one way in which his royal analness supercedes mine is fruit, vegetable, and meat prices here in Sri Lanka.

Fahim has been taking care of the money – that is, paying for things, doing the banking, and keeping track of what we’ve spent. Well, it only makes sense – he knows the currency better than I do, and I was recovering from jet lag. Besides, I didn’t feel like it. Oh hey, the bank accounts are all in his name, anyway. At least, at this point, they are. As a non-resident, I can’t get a bank account at this point.

Anyway, Fahim is anal. And he wants to track our expenses. Okay, this is all good. So he wants to know how the various stores where we buy our groceries compare. So what does he do?

He sets up a spreadsheet to analyze how much we pay everywhere per kilogram.

Does it help?

He thinks so.

I’ll allow him his delusions.

Author: LMAshton
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