I’ve mentioned before how we have geckos roaming around?

Here’s more about those pesky critters.

They’re small and flat. They can crawl into tight spaces, and when we see them, by the time we’ve grabbed the can of bug killer, they’re gone. Doesn’t matter that there’s no way out that you or I can see – they’ve found a way out. They crawl on top of and inside everything, which means that, even though our dishes were clean when we left them in the dishrack last night, the next morning, we have to rinse them as we use them. Geckos leave their gecko crap everywhere. Okay, so not visible most of the time, but still, gecko paw prints in my breakfast? Thank you, no, I’ll pass.

So we bought some ice cream, 1 litre, and it comes in a bright yellow plastic container. Not terribly sturdy, but certainly suitable enough for storing things like spices and whatnot in. So I wash the container out and remove the label from the lid. Glue is left behind. Ick. I left it soaking overnight. I hope, in desperation, that it will come off and Fahim will lose an opportunity to mock me.

A couple of hours later, Fahim goes into the kitchen – probably to get something to eat – and tells me he found a gecko stuck to the lid. Ew.

He doesn’t like touching dead animal matter. He seriously doesn’t like touching dead animal matter. He finds a piece of cardboard or the like to remove said gecko. In the process, he gives me a lecture on gecko fundamentals, like the fact that their tails fall off very easily – it’s a defense mechanism, he claims. (Fahim says: it’s not me claiming, it’s an accepted fact .. ask anybody here :p)

See, the predator captures the gecko, the gecko sheds the tail, the tail keeps moving, the predator thinks it’s got the gecko when it really only has the tail, and the gecko escapes to grow another tail.

So gecko is removed, but tail is left behind, so now, he whines at me, he has to remove the tail, too. Which he finally does. But meanwhile, in the glue on the ice cream lid, there is a gecko imprint – dead gecko skin. He, of course, leaves it to me to clean up, after telling me that geckos are poisonous to touch. My skin will swell up when I touch it. Oh goodie. Thanks for that, Fahim. I mean, really, thanks. (Fahim says: Hey, it wasn’t I who wanted to remove the label on the ice cream container lid :P)

Author: LMAshton

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