Holy Cow!

Today, we watched DVDs. I watched even more 24, plus a movie or two – I don’t remember anymore, but they were pirated anyway. I wanted to work (clean house), fahim wanted to be a lazy butthead, so we watched DVDs. So much for compromising.

On the other hand, he has to go back to work next Monday, so why not take it easy now?

The guys came over to fix the pipe, which was what we thought was the problem causing our washer to not drain properly. Turns out our washer doesn’t have a pump, drains by gravity only. Funny thing. No one at the store told us that it didn’t come with a pump, but drains relying on gravity. So we have to have the pipe drain at a lower level than the bottom of the washing machine tub. This is a problem.

Before we discovered this, or rather, the way we discovered this, was by doing a test load. And in the draining part, it drained only as low as the height of the pipe where it drains out. Great. So once again, we had to drain by hand. We then called – and by we, I really mean Fahim – Aban’s to talk to them about the washer. They said they’d send someone over. We’re waiting, we’re waiting.

For our meals today, we cooked rice noodles with finely diced potatoes, carrot, onion, capsicum, green chilli, tomatoes, and had leftover brains. This time, I ate a whole piece by myself. But it’s also true that that was all I could stomach. It’s not the flavour, but the texture that sets me off.

Fahim went to work for a few hours. He had previously had problems getting my laptop to work on the work network, but finally got it working today. He retrieved about half my emails and sent out only one, drat. The connection was very slow, and that was all it could manage. He also published blog but without pictures. We have to upload the pictures separately, and because the server is slow, it takes a while. Double drat.

Watched more DVDs in the evening while Fahim sat around like a lazy butt. Have now watched the first eight hours of 24, which I’m now addicted to, damn Fahim!

Have I mentioned the cows mooing as they walk past the house? No? Yes? Well, since I actually can’t hear (see) your response right now, I’m going with no.

In Sri Lanka, and I imagine it’s very similar in India, cows wander around. Buddhists think that cows are holy, you probably already knew that. What you probably don’t know is that some Buddhists buy a cow and have a symbol branded on its side. The symbol indicates that the cow is free and cannot be harmed or eaten by anyone. Huh.

So cows are pretty much everywhere. I see them in fields, I see them at the side of the road rooting through the garbage, looking for a meal. I hear them mooing as they walk past the house. Most of them are pretty bony, but then, I don’t really know what cows are supposed to look like, so for all I know, they’re perfectly healthy. But, personally, I doubt it. I think they’re bony. And they’re everywhere.

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