Googling Arpico

So*, I do a Googlesearch today – want to find out the phone number for the local branch so we can call it and find out if it’s open or not. Because, of course, today is not a standard day of the week. Oh, no! Today is…

Tamil Thai Pongal Day. Also known as Boiling Milk Day.

Major holiday.

And we weren’t sure if the stores would be open.

And the phone numbers listed in the phone book, which we finally have, were disconnected. So what’s a girl to do?

I Google.

And what do I come up with?

Results 19 of 9 for arpico department store battaramulla. (0.44 seconds)

A Canadian in King Parakramabahu’s Court – Blog
He takes me to one in Battaramulla a few blocks down from Arpico, that major local department store. Looking from the outside, it was dark, like a cave, – 44k – Cached – Similar┬ápages


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