Cyclops kitten

No doubt this has made the rounds in various blogs all over the place. I’m throwing it in here, too.

Cy, short for cyclops, is the name of a kitten born with one eye where the nose normally is. Apparently, it’s caused by a condition called holoprosencephaly, which causes facial deformities.

In humans, holoprosencephaly means that the lobs of the brain don’t divide, so a single-lobed brain structure is the result. There are also severe skull and facial deformitties and in most cases, the fetuses die before birth.

In discussing this on a forum I frequent, a friend mentioned Huevodoces, a disorder in which a person appears female, but upon puberty, develops a penis and testicles. This friend mentioned that it happens often enough in the Dominican Republic (why there more so than anywhere else? Or are they just better at recognizing it?) to the point that when it happens, it’s treated like no big deal, the girl takes on a masculine name, and begins to live like a male.

Mutants: On Genetic Variety and the Human Body is a book on the wide variety of human mutations. Admittedly, I’m curious. I’d love a copy of it, so if you feel like getting me something, that’s a good choice. 😀

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