Seven hour laundry

We live in a rental that comes with things like a fridge, a stove, and a clothes washer. I’ve previously mentioned how things are falling apart here… Leaky roof. Plumbing problems. Lizard infestations…

Lately, the washer’s been giving me problems. We have our own washer that I could use, but we’d first have to move it to a bathroom and then hook it up. See, it has no water pump, so it relies on gravity to drain the water. That means that if the drain pipe is off the floor by three feet, it’s never going to drain. The only place where we have a drain low enough is the bathroom.

Back to the washer problems. Since our own washer isn’t hooked up, we’ve been using the one that came with the house. It’s an Italian or Spanish model and it’s getting up there in years. Probably 15 years old or so. It has only two cycles – one normal, and one with an extra wash and extra rinse cycle.

The regular cycle stopped working a couple of months back – it didn’t spin anymore, so I’d either have to wring the clothes out by hand, or I’d have to spin it through the other cycle.

It became such a pain that I switched to using the other cycle, albeit starting partway through so it didn’t take so long.

Today, it decided to, well, break.

I started a load at 7:15 am, give or take five minutes or so.

Four times, I had to go in and manually advance the dial.

By the time it was finally done, it was 2:30 or so.


Since we’re not about to spend money getting someone else’s washer fixed, especially when she can’t be bothered to actually fix the roof or the plumbing or anything else, we’re now going to have to set up our washer. In the bathroom.

So*, Lou, when you’re in town next, you won’t be able to shower in your bedroom. Sorry. 🙁

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