Elephant Hat

When Kim, Dru, Lou, and Ike were here back in April, we celebrated Christmas (Gift Exchange).

The week before, they went on a tour of Sri Lanka, having a lot of fun in the bargain, and when they got back, they unpacked their bags and showed Fahim and I some of their purchases.

One in particular was an elephant hat. (Yes, I’ll take pictures and add them here, but at the moment, I’m fairly busy engrossed in writing a novel this week, so it’ll probably be next week when I add the pick. Unless I get so far ahead of my goals that I have oodles of spare time.)

This elephant hat is made from water buffalo leather – very thick and rigid. Rich brown color. Elephants embossed and painted around it.

They bought it for Dru’s father – I haven’t met the man, so I can’t say this with certainty, but I’m under the impression that it would suit his personality. Must be a colorful kinda guy!

Anyway, for kicks, and because I am the person I am, I tried the elephant hat on. And everyone fell in love with how it looked on me. And they oooohed! and aaaaaahed!

Now. I feel safe in mentioned the hat being for Dru’s father because in all likelihood, he’s received it a few months ago. (Care to confirm, Don?)


The next day, Kim and Dru went out to do some more shopping. Well, of course, since they were leaving Sri Lanka very soon.

So we had our gift exchange, and guess what there was for me?

A leather elephant hat!

I would have been very upset had they given me the one deemed for Dru’s father, but apparently, they bought a second one – for me, because they loved it on me so much. And even though they knew I’d never have occasion to wear it, and it would wind up hanging on a wall, they had to get it for me.



It’s now a couple of months later. Or three. Whichever. :p And this week is Book In a Week, which means I’m writing like mad. I have more details in my writing blog, but I’m having problems publishing, and won’t have time to look at it until tonight if I want to meet my goals for the day, so check it a little later.


I set an official goal for writing this week of 100 pages. Which Fahim then topped with 30 pages a day, or 210 pages (he doesn’t give me weekends off, which I always plan into my goals.)


As an experiment, I decided that I was going to wear the elephant hat during my writing time to reinforce to my brain that this is, in fact, writing time, and time to concentrate and focus on writing, and nothing else.

Who knows? Maybe this will help make it easier to switch on and off for writing. Worth a try, right?


Yesterday, I wrote 6 pages of non-novel stuff. And 40 pages of novel.


Go Elephant Hat!

*kisses Kim & Dru*

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