Fahim and his hair

Internet’s been off since very early this morning, so Fahim can’t work. So what do you imagine he’s doing instead?

Besides driving me up the wall?

Well, he edited a chapter of his story – yay!!!!!

But since he can only edit 2 chapters a day (!) he’s now into moving furniture.

See, yesterday, we had the remainder of our furniture brought over in a lorry (truck), so now we have furniture all over the place.

Anyway, he’s cleaned off the entertainment centre and moved that over to where our television set is, and then he starts moving the big grey fan. "Oh!" he says.

And doesn’t move.


"My hair is caught."


So I have to run over and turn off power to the fan. Slowly, Fahim pulls his head away from the fan, unravelling his hair out of it at the same time.

Only to leave a huge chunk behind. Huge. Huge huge huge.

He pulls that out, too, and starts wondering if he has a bloody bald spot on his scalp. "Does anything hurt?"


So. I’m supposed to find his bloody bald spot how?

Author: LMAshton

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