No water? But. . . what about that tank on our roof?

Yup. No water.

We have no idea if the tank isn’t filling, or if it’s somehow bypassed entirely, or if we’ve been cut off of water for a couple of days and it took this long for the tank to run out.

So what to do?

Well, Fahim has to go on the roof, of course, and check it out. Thank heavens, not me! But seriously, I hope he’s careful. I don’t want anything to happen to him.


A few minutes later . . .

Fahim broke a pipe up there, and had to stuff it so the water didn’t flow all over the place.

It appears as though we’re not getting water through the pipes from outside the house, but only from the tank on the roof. It further appears as though only the upper floor is getting water from the tank because the lower floor gets its water from the tank through the servant’s bathroom, which is shut off because the tap in there is busted.

Fahim tried turning off the water to the house from the tank, but it’s rusted open, which could (understatement) cause problems for a plumber to fix it. But bottom line is that we have major plumbing problems in this house, especially when you consider another broken tap in the small bedroom upstairs that also couldn’t be turned off, but was stuffed closed so it only drips as opposed to gushes.

Fahim’s trying to get ahold of Mervyn, our trishaw driver, to see about getting the plumber out here today, but Mervyn’s cell phone is on the fritz, as it is on occasion.

But, since I have writing challenges this week with lunch as a reward, Mervyn knows that he needs to get the take away rice & curry packets for us from 7+, so hopefully, he should just stop by sometime this morning or early afternoon, hopefully with lunch.

Short summary – plumbing in this house is hosed!

Author: LMAshton

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