Crappy crappy internet speeds

I’m trying to, shall we say, customize my MT template. Alas, I can’t.

Ten minutes to attempt to – and fail – to load one single page (no other page loads in progress, no other downloads of any kind) and I’m ready to pack it in.

The internet speed is unbelievable.

This is worse than dial-up in the late 1980s. And yes, I experienced that.

The current theory is that the lousy internet speeds (SLT, are you listening?) is because of the Pan Asian Games being held in Sri Lanka, and they’re here until the 28th. Because SLT is notorious for sacrificing internet download speeds to, well, anyone who isn’t influential, in favor of, well, anything that will benefit them in other ways.

Remember the Olympics and the downed under sea cable that went out? Sri Lanka had back-up bandwidth, but instead of keeping it for internet users, used it up to broadcast the Olympic games. Oh, were you trying to make an international phone call? Trying to download email? So sorry, you’re just not important.

No, we don’t care that the cable was severed two weeks ago. It’ll get fixed… sometime.

Excuse me while I grab a machete…

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1 thought on “Crappy crappy internet speeds

  1. I know what are you tlaking about. I work with an internet speed of 5-6 KBPS and sometimes it comes down to 1-2 KBPS. Sometimes, my net does not work for 10-12 hours. That’s life in Asia.

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