Censorship in Asia

It’s nothing new.

China has a history of blocking scads of websites, and has even gone so far as to enlist Google’s help.

The Maldives does it, too. My sister and her family have lived there for two Canadian winters thus far and coming back for a third. She’s told us about experiences others have had there. Access the wrong websites, and your internet no longer works. Say the wrong words on the telephone, and your telephone no longer works – cut off mid-sentence. And so on and so forth. Of course, anything that remotely criticizes the government is what is inappropriate.

The latest target is blogging in India.

The government decided to ban certain blogs and blogging sitesafter blasts in Mumbai (Bombay).

Author: LMAshton
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1 thought on “Censorship in Asia

  1. It was so frustrating when they did that. And how ridiculous–blocking the entire blogger domain in order to block a few sites. Indian bloggers showed a lot of mettle, though. What was even more heartening was to see Pakistani bloggers coming in support and creating alternative channels for accesing our blogs.

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