Hal Spacejock: Second Desserts

Simon Haynes, the guy who wrote Hal Spacejock, sent Fahim a copy of his first book a few weeks ago. Cool of the guy, especially since there’s no hope in Hades that it’ll hit the bookshelves here in the next decade. Even cooler of the guy – it’s autographed. To Fahim.

So what do you figure happened next?

If you guessed that I stole the book from Fahim and read it first, you’d guess right. 🙂 I read faster than Fahim, so it only makes sense, and no, it has nothing at all – nothing, I tell you – to do with the fact that Fahim works all day and I don’t. :p

Simon, of course, catches wind of all this, mainly because Fahim tattles on me.

Later, Simon offers to send us book two. Maybe because we’re so insane and he’s scared we’re turning into cyberstalkers? Not sure.

At any rate, this one is to me, not Fahim.

It arrived.

In the mail.

In an envelope.

With my name on it.

While I was in the shower.

Fahim, of course, grabs the envelope and brings it upstairs.

To the bathroom.

And opens it.

My envelope with my name on it.

In front of me.

While I’m dripping wet with shampoo in my hair.

He knows how much I love books. He knows I’m not going to get a poor, defenseless book wet just because he deserves it.

He then proceeds to read it.

My book.

Before I’ve even had the chance to touch it. Or smell it. Or read the encryption, er, decryption, er, signature from Simon.

Men! *harumph!*

The inscription Simon left in the book for me?

For Laurie

This should start a few arguments.


Simon Haynes

Edited to add: Fahim’s howling right now. Howling with laughter. I’m surprised he hasn’t snorted, it’s that bad.

He noticed a tiny little mistake I made. Miniscule, really. Barely even noticeable or even, you know, important or anything. And he’s going to comment on it before I get this typed up, so, well, whatever. Nothing I can do about that. 😉

Hal Spacejock the second is really titled Hal SpaceJock: Second Course. His third is Hal Spacejock: Just Desserts. Or something. You know. 😉

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9 thoughts on “Hal Spacejock: Second Desserts

  1. *laughs* Simon, don’t.

    I’ve only got maybe 20 pages left to read, and he’s maybe 40 pages in. I read when he works. 🙂

    I just like hamming things up. You know. Artistic license and all that. 😀 As a writer, I’m required to do that. You should know – you got the rules, too. 😉

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