Cows are loud

When cows go wandering past our house, they frequently Moo! very loudly. Some are quiet, and just go sauntering past as they nibble on the vegetation or garbage at the side of the road. Others Moo! and Moo! and Moo! like there’s no tomorrow.

The cows wandering past today are loud.

Yep. Welcome to Sri Lanka.:D


I’ve been told that cows are not as smelly as elephants.

See, cows wander around everywhere here. Well, we also have the stray dogs and cats, too, as well as goats and oxen and water buffalo and horses and sometimes, even an elephant.

Fahim tells me – because I’m lucky enough to not have experienced it myself – that elephant dung is the smelliest of the lot. He tells me that an elephant did its business in front of his parents house while he was still living there. Most atrocious. *rolls eyes*


Cows here wander around like cheap whores . . . At roundup time, we’ll see a dozen or more cows herded down the main road by two guys wearing sarongs and flip flops.

The other annoying part of it is the cow patties lining the road. When you step on the road, you always have to look first.


It’s economic – there isn’t enough grazing land this close to the city, so the cows are free to wander and graze on whatever vegetation and garbage is at the side of the road. Then, as I’m told, they wander home at milking time.

And it’s like India. Sri Lanka has about 14% Hindus, keep in mind. So yes, there are the cows that are not used for eating or milk, but just wander around living out their existentialist existence, feeding on whatever.

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