The internet is broken. Again.

Remember back when the Olympics were being held, and an Indian ship off the coast of Sri Lanka dropped its anchor on the undersea telecommunications cable that connects Sri Lanka with Singapore, resulting in no international calling or internet for over a week? And it was all caused by the bloody Indians because they wanted Sri Lanka to connect directly to them instead of us going through Singapore because they want our money.

Well, that didn’t happen again. Not yet, anyway.

Apparently there’s a cable out between China and, uhm, some other place, and it’s supposed to be the main cable connecting India, Sri Lanka, and other countries in the area, to the rest of the internet. Well, whatever the problem is, and we can’t find out because the techies in Sri Lanka are, generally speaking, idiots who can’t answer a straight question, it’s causing our connection to reset every 30 to 60 seconds. Over 50% packet loss here. And what usually takes me 2 minutes to download email in the morning is taking over 2 hours.


Author: LMAshton

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