It’s still broken. Ack!

And even though you lot don’t care, I’m upating y’all anyway. [Razz]

The internet is still broken.

Initially, we were told that there was, in fact, no problem at all and it was just our imagination or it must be our modem or router that was broken, or we had firewalls that were preventing us from accessing the internet.

Several hours of continued problem later, and Fahim confirms with the company he used to work for that they were having identical time outs and lost packets. He calls back the ISP, who finally admits that there was the broken cable in China. And then we’re told it’ll be fixed in 10 to 12 hours.

Next day, after the continued problems, Fahim calls back, and they deny ever having said that it would be fixed in ten to twelve hours. They now say it’ll be done within a day or two.

Today, the problems are still continuing.

I want my internet back!

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