Cooking with a scale?

We went to the department store today to pick up cooking stuff. You know, cake pans, a wooden spoon, a kitchen scale, things like that.

A kitchen scale? you say. Yep. I’ve managed to find some Sri Lankan recipes on the internet – and yes, I will provide those links, but it’s gonna have to be after Fahim gets Blog 8 sorted out so links are possible here. Anyway, the point being that the recipes I found frequently list ingredients not in cups or millilitres, but in grams or ounces. Ugh. If I knew the specific density of each ingredient, I could do the math to figure out what it equalled in volume, but since I don’t have that information readily at my disposal, that ain’t gonna happen. Hence the kitchen scale.

We also picked up a bit of rope, bright blue. For laundry. Yes, we have a laundry rack, that’s true. But to dry larger items like the sheets I first have to fold them in half and then hang them up – it’s the only way they’ll fit on the laundry rack without touching the ground. But with the rope hung up, they don’t have to be. Yippee! Sheets will dry much faster this way. It has me so excited.

Didn’t I tell you I don’t have a life? This is proof. Only people who get excited over their sheets drying time . . . Ack. Whatever. You know what I’m saying.

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