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We receive flyers on occasion. I’ve mocked many of them right alongside Fahim as we peruse the butchered spelling. Oh, should I be more diplomatic? Okay, how’s this? I’ve mocked many of them right alongside Fahim as we peruse the alternative flexible spelling. Sure, that works.

One that we received recently was from Mongolian Foods, who have restaurants in Rajagiriya, Thalangama, and Palawatta, which they also spell Pelawatta only five inches above, and which is spelled locally as Pelawatte. Hmm.

Among the items on their flyer is:

  • Rice Vermercilin (we think they mean Vermicelli. But we’re not entirely sure.)
  • Deviled Fish, Chicken, Prawns, etc. I’m not sure why the dishes are deviled. Is that like Defiled? Yeah, yeah, I know, I’m merciless. They actually mean Devilled. Well, we assume. We can only assume (assume=arrogant guess) because we haven’t actually had it. Perhaps they really mean something else entirely.
  • Spagatti & Macoroni. Geez, these guys just make it too easy, don’t they?
  • And my personal favorite, Chicken Liver & Gizzerd. I love Gizzerds. They light up my life.
  • Pittu, Babath. Yeah, this one isn’t open for mockment. It’s just that I don’t have a clue what it is. It’s not an English word, that much is clear. And honestly, Fahim has explained it to me a couple of times, and I still don’t remember. At some point, if I remember to, I’ll ask Fahim what it means when I’m in front of my blog and I’ll just type it directly in. That’s usually the easiest, right?


Anyway, we ordered take out. Pardon me. Take Away. We ordered Take Away. Fahim had to go pick it up because he had no cash and had to pay by credit card, and they’re not equipped to do that at the door like Panagos in British Columbia can. And yes, I’m aware that other delivery places can, too, it’s just that Panagos is the only stuff I ever had delivered, okay? So cut me some slack, eh?

Fahim called in advance and told them what we wanted and told them he wanted it ready when he got there. They said, yeah, yeah, no problem. It’s all ready to go, just come by and pick it up.

So he goes.

And is it ready? Nooooooooo. They have to make it. And one of the dishes we wanted would have taken even longer, so did he want to wait? No, he said, get two of one of the others instead. Forty five minutes later, he finally walks out the door. Ready to go my foot.

And the food, as usual for here, came in flat rectangular boxes, about one inch deep by about four inches by six inches. And inside, the food was wrapped in a square of plastic. It works.

And I gotta say it was a real disappointment. It was edible, it’s true, but it was completely uninspired. With my worst migraine I could still have done better than that. And dammit, I will – just get me the right spices, eh, Fahim?



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